Irn Bru

Irn bru is Scotland’s second national drink. Made in Scotland fae girders was the claim many years ago. Irn Bru is also considered one of the best hangover cures and gallons of the stuff is consumed all over Scotland every weekend.

Irn-Bru was first produced in 1901, in Falkirk, under the name Iron Brew. In 1946, a change in laws required that the word brew be removed from the name, as the drink is not brewed. The company came up with the idea of changing the spelling of both halves of the name, thus giving us the iconic Irn-Bru brand.

Scotland is the only country in the world where Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not the dominant choice in soft drinks.


Scottish Word of the Day!

Sair – Sore

Sair Heid – Sore Head, Headache

Gie’s Me A Sair Heid – It gives me a sore head

  Ye’ve got a real sair wan there. –  That really is a painful injury.

It’s a sair fecht” – “It’s a sore fight.” – “It’s a hard life.”